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-opens word doc but doesnt write-

see its like a metaphor

[aggressively yells] DISNEY PLOTS

"A little evil goes a long, long way." elise and micah and abaddon xoxo (abaddon's killin me so dumb)


"You’re not just evil, y’know? You’re insufferable. Really, you are. And I cannot wait for the day that I get you out of his body.”


"Mm…your kid before five in the morning.” zelgado bye


"Oh hell no. No, no, no, nice try there Zide. It took two to freaking tango, meaning you’re gonna get with me and you’re gonna handle your lovely daughter while I get the formula ready. Alright asshole? Good. Glad we had this talk, very productive. Now up… preferably, before the last of my pregnancy hormones decide to throw your ass back to that bachelor pad I know you still have for ‘hacking’."

"Mondays are your diaper days.” nate/alexis


"I’m running on roughly two hours of sleep and you’re seriously gonna make me go out into polite society to buy more diapers? Really?"

"I told you we should have just gotten that German Shepherd puppy." dani/alec pls


"Oh shut up, Hastings. She has Penny and Zeus, how the hell was I supposed to know your daughter was gonna freaking kidnap the next door neighbour’s dog!"

succumbing to peer pressure and making a twitter i need help with an @ name

hey guys!! this thg au gave me so much inspiration for a small group plot, therefore i decided to do it. general plot is that it’s the third quarter quell and previous victors are being sent back into the arena. the rest can be discussed when characters are all filled. just shoot me a message with the character you want and your aim (if possible - otherwise i’ll be making a chatzy).


  • katniss everdeen, victor of the 74th hunger games, from district twelve [brita1x1]
  • rosemarie hathaway, victor of the 71st hunger games, from district two [haymitchwrites]
  • beatrice prior, victor of the 69th hunger games, from district four [tashrps]
  • clarissa fray, victor of the 73rd hunger games, from district one [commoditiesrps]


  • peeta mellark, victor of the 74th hunger games, from district twelve
  • dimitri belikov, victor of the 66th hunger games, from district two [zoeyrps]
  • tobias eaton, victor of the 64th hunger games, from district four [fallingbird1x1]
  • jonathan wayland, victor of the 70th hunger games, from district one